Hello my name is Jannine Umana. I live in Sunny Noosa in Queensland.  I have been working with people to help change their lives for 20 years.  I have an innate belief that we are all born for excellence.  Our lives from the day we are born are shaped by experiences and interactions with everyone and everything we come in contact with.  Good or bad, they shape who we are and how we react and behave by creating filters through which we view and interact with life.

These filters have profound subconscious influences on our behaviour and the everyday decisions that we make no matter how hard we try to do differently. We can work on the outside using skill building or coaching and this works to a point. It is however my true belief and understanding that changing from the inside is the only real way to make permanent change on the outside.

My method of Trilogy allows us to get to the early negative perceptions and patterns that control our impulses by effectively and permanently removing and replacing them.  This will give greater focus and self-esteem, energy and drive to make good decisions and bring about a new self-confidence.  With this comes greater productivity and passion for a more fulfilling career and ultimately greater happiness both in your career and personal life.

MY Business is about People and Relationships.  It is about Serving.  If you do not know yourself you cannot know others.  I will show you how to know yourself so you can know others.