Awaken Your Healing & Psychic Abilities Introduction Class


Healing Ability is normal!


Have you ever thought you have Healing Gifts? 

Do People ask you to ‘Put’ your hands on them because they know you make them feel better? 

Do your friends and family tell you their woes?

When out and about, do strangers tell you their life stories?

In a day dream state do you know one of your family or friends is sick even though they have not told you?

Do you find yourself wanting to help people however do not know how?


You will learn: -

How does Healing work?

How do I use Psychic Abilities for Healing?

How do I know if I have Healing/Psychic Abilities?

What can I use my Healing Abilities for?

Learn to Open yourself up to Feel Energy with your own hands.

Learn to give a mini reading

See an Aura

Grounding Exercise

Spirit Connecting Exercise

Clearing technique for negative energy & people

Participate in a Class Tornado Energy Circle

Come along for a wonderful and enlightening day,

with Jannine.



9am till 3pm