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I would usually use this for Spring Time Clean UP, however it is really good to do any time of the year.  With the new year coming fast I thought I would put this out there for you all.

Let’s start to clean up everything in your life and make ready for the new YOU. As it is easier to clean on the outside, let us start with your cupboards!

Go through them all one by one (you have a month!) and pull them all apart. Give away, sell or throw away everything that you no longer use.

My general rule is if it has not been used for a year then it is probably not going to be! Clean the shelves and restack them

Next look around the house and clean all the ornaments, bookshelves etc. Anything that you are no longer happy with having in your new space, then again sell or give it away. It can then be someone else's treasure! That is the practical side of your nature.

Now for the spiritual side. In order for your home to flow with more ease and grace we will now use a lovely method for getting the energy to flow properly.

We would all love to see or feel auras, angels and be able to get messages. Right? Well here is the practical way to start.

First how do you sense other peoples moods? Do you feel their bad mood? Do you see it? Or do you just know they are in a bad mood?

Sit for a moment and quieten yourself by breathing in through your nose following your breath with your mind into your heart and then following your breath out again through your mouth. Do this for a few moments as it allows your mind to quieten down to get an answer.

This is the spiritual way. The practical way is to listen to how you talk. For instance someone who feels energy will use, I feel that, or I felt that they, or It feels to me like, in conversations.

Someone who sees energy will say things like, I saw that she, or I see what you mean.

Someone who just knows will say I know that she, or I know it is going to be a good day.

Once you understand your number one way of perceiving information you can start to work with it more and become much more aware of your world.

This is Spiritual development. It is to become aware of your earthly world first otherwise how do you expect to become aware of the other worlds around you?

So now walk into each room of your house and do the breathing exercise again with your eyes closed. Now after a few minutes of that open your eyes and feel/see/know where to place your furniture. Where does it feel/look/know best?

Once you do this the energy will flow better in your home. Stand back and look/feel again taking in every item in the room and note if it feels/looks right.

Do this a few times to make sure you are happy with it. Things will feel/look better and everyone that lives there will be more peaceful and it will feel more loving because the ENERGY is flowing properly.

Have fun with this and keep up the practice.


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