In this amazing On Line Class you will continue to learn how to connect in with yourself and therefore your Spirit.  I know you are busy so I use everyday things and scenarios or you to practice with.  As you connect deeper with Spirit, you will start to become aware of everything around you. How people are feeling, what they are thinking and the dynamics in each situation.  You will get clear directions in life, knowing what to do, where to go, whom to speak with.  People will start to come to help you and doors will open. Spirit has called you and wants you to move forward now.  It is your time.  We will connect via zoom for a one hour live talk on the last Wednesday in each month starting with 26th October, 2016.

This class is for 6 months.
Mirror Mirror
Clearing Meditation                                      
Listening Skills
Intuition/Psychic Development
Intuition Quiz
Clear your space Physically & Energetically
You will have me live each month on the last Wednesday night at 7 pm and full contact throughout  the six months through email!                                  
Take advantage of this amazing offer.                    

Investment $197

Through my Paypal Account -  you can safely pay using your Credit Card or utilise your own account there.

Develop Your Psychic Abilities - 6 Month Online Class | $197 AUD