“How do I manifest what I want?”
Have you got something that to date you have not been able to bring into your world? Have you been trying all sorts of ways to get it and still it stays just out of reach? I say let's help each other 'remember' how to do it. We all know that using two heads is better than one, Right?

Well how about using a group of people all focusing on themselves and each other, what they want and what the other individuals in the group want? This works amazingly well! We use the energy of the group to help manifest what we all want. We have a combined goal.  To get your business off the ground.   I answer all your questions. We talk about how you and everyone in the group went through the week. Solve the issues. And manage to meditate! I also record and send it to you.


So far in our classes together we brought movement in all students lives towards what they wanted or they have what they wanted including a house, a job, money, passion into one students life and a car for me! How does it get better than that?

Saturday 11th November 2017. Qld time 7am Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra time 8am. Adelaide 7.30am. Perth 5am.

Investment: $150